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So you think you’d like to join the TITC? Here’s everything you need to know;

There are two types of members:

1. Company Members

2. Individual Members


Membership for each is completely free, but the requirements are a little different.

Company Members
The core of the TITC is its company members. Each company can have up to 2 designated Company Members who are the representatives of their company (these can switch, but no more than 2 at a time). The representatives have voting rights, and are the ones who are responsible for ensuring their company completes all of their required work (eg. sharing posts, submitting data on time, etc. see below). While they can designate work to other members of their company, ultimately it comes down to them to make sure their company is pulling their weight. If the Company Members are not complying with the rules of the TITC, it may lead to removal of that company from the Coalition, so be sure to pick these reps carefully.

Membership Requirements: Company Members

Any companies looking to join the TITC must meet the following requirements;

1. They must be a company, not a collective (eg. not a group working together on only a single show), that has produced a minimum of one production in the past year (365 days), with plans to produce another within the following year (365 days).

2. They must have a social media network that includes at least 2 of the following; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and/or an e-newsletter. While there is not a specific minimum number of followers required, these networks need to have been up and running for some time before requesting membership (eg. don’t make brand new accounts with zero followers just to join).

3. They must be willing to share data relating to their social media (eg. number of followers, impressions, for newsletters the number of subscribers and the frequency with which newsletters are sent).

4. They must agree to and show proof of sharing information regarding other companies productions and events, as well as those of the TITC in general.

5. They must complete a company membership questionnaire.

6. They must adhere to the TITC Code of Conduct.

Individual Members
Individual Membership is open to anyone who considers themselves an Arts Professional in Toronto. This can mean actors, producers, artists, stage managers, accountants who work primarily with artists - you name it. Individual Members are not permitted to share their own companies work (you need a Company Membership for that), but are welcome to join the group so they can see what other members are up to. There may also be postings looking for volunteers for various companies, so this is a good place to be if you’re looking to get involved, but don’t necessarily have a company of your own.

Membership Requirements: Individual Members

Any individuals looking to join the TITC must meet the following requirements;

1. They must be actively engaged in the arts scene in Toronto, whether as a professional or a supporter.

2. They must complete a membership questionnaire.

3. They must adhere to the TITC Code of Conduct.


Any companies or individuals that do not follow the rules of the TITC may have their membership revoked. The TITC has a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment or discrimination of any kind, and members having been found to have engaged in this type of behaviour, whether through the TITC or through outside sources, may be permanently banned. See our Code of Conduct for more details.

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