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The Toronto Independent Theatre Coalition is a place for small local theatre companies to connect and support each other's work. By connecting, sharing resources and helping to promote each other's shows, we can all grow together.

Membership to the TITC is free, and only requires active participation within the coalition and adherence to the Code of Conduct.

Goals & Objectives

The primary objective of the TITC is to assist Toronto's independent theatres in growing their network and audience bases. Membership to the TITC is free, and will always remain free, and is reliant on active member participation.


Stage 1: Create a network of Toronto-based independent theatre artists and companies. Assist fellow members with the creation and promotion of their works, through sharing resources, skills, and by promoting each company’s productions through all other member networks. Create a virtual hub and support network for Toronto independent theatre artists.

Stage 2: Create a roster of independent reviewers made up of both members and third-parties, to ensure each production will have a reviewer present for at least one performance. Create an awards system for members that honours the best productions, cast members, crew members and administrators within a TITC season (September 1 -August 31). Host an awards night that is open to all TITC members and other guests (tentatively in October of each year).

Stage 3: Create a ticketing platform with low to no fees that is accessible for all members. Sell subscription packages that encourage patrons to see a number of independent shows (“6 in the 6ix”). Build a TITC patron base to easily market all members’ shows. Create a large enough TITC following that it can be leveraged for sponsorship and/or discounts that can be passed on to members.

As of March 2019, we are in Stage 1.

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